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  • Winter Lager

    Winter Lager

    Amber Lager – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.043 – FG 1.000 – ABV 5.2% - IBU 14 – SRM 8.5

    Lagers are great for warm weather beer drinking, and if there is one thing I know about February in Ontario, it is not warm. Here comes a Winter Lager. It is still easy drinking like blonde lagers, but this one has an added malt character that adds body, a bit of caramel and graininess to the smooth lager profile we all love. The newly arrived 2020 Cascade hops will add an extra pine/floral character to the beer – but at the end of the day – this is an easy drinking lager.

    This recipe uses one of Escarpment Labs new ‘fake’ lager yeasts called Jordal. Fake in the sense that they deliver clean lager like performance, but are designed to be fermented at an easy to maintain 18-22°C.

    The last fun part about this recipe is that we use our “magic juice” ie, Amylo 300 to get the fermentation to finish at 1.000. This results in a lower calorie, and cleaner tasting beer.

    This is a kick ass amber lager, that is deadly simple to make, and an absolute crowd (when that is allowed again) pleaser!

    Full Description and Instructions



    • Vienna x 4.5lbs
    • Red X x 4.0lbs
    • Acidulated Malt x .2lbs


    • Cascade (7.9% A.A.) - 1.0 oz @ 5 minutes
    • Cascade (7.9% A.A.) - 1.0 oz @ 0 minutes


    • KRISPY (Escarpment Labs)
    • Due to supply constraints, we replaced Jordal with KRISPY. KRISPY is an evolved version of Jordal that we find creates a better, cleaner tasting beer. 

    Extras (Must be purchased separately)

    • Amylo 300 (use 1/10th of an ounce when pitching the yeast)
    • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming
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