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  • Wine of the Week


    Pricing includes our production fee, corks, and all applicable taxes. Prices do not include bottles, labels or shrinkcaps as those are optional extras which our customers can purchase at bottling.

    6 Bottle Batches: $48.99 | 15 Bottle Batches: $89.99 | 30 Bottle Batches: $179.98

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Almost everything is the same. The juice is the same quality, the process is the same, the time it takes for us to produce the wine is the same. The difference is, Wines of the week are pre-selected by us and can't be customized.

    If you order a standard batch of wine from us, you can customize it by having us oak it (free addition), blend it with other juices, or even try different yeasts.

    Think of the weekly wine as ordering off a preset menu, whereas ordering a batch is like ordering a-la carte at a restaurant.

    Yes! We can accept wine orders a couple weeks in advance of the deadline to order. Stock up on a couple wine of the weeks in a row!

    We are offering 6 bottle batches exclusively with our wine of the week.

    The reason for this is spoilage. Our juice is packaged in 11L (14 bottle) containers. With the fresh nature of our juice, we can't open a container without fermenting the entire thing - otherwise it would go bad within days.

    Wines of the week are produced in bulk, which means we can make more diverse sized batches for our customers, without the concern for spoiling partially opened juice canisters.

    Customizing wines of the week is not something we can offer. Because all of the wine is produced together, any customizations would affect the entire batch.

    All wines made outside of the Wine of the Week program can be fully customized with oaking (free addition), different yeasts, and blends of juices.

    Not really! Our smallest batch size is 6 bottles - that would be the minimum quantity.

    There is no maximum quantity, order as much as you like!

    Absolutely! We love feedback and suggestions. If you have a fun idea for a blend or something creative like a Rose - let us know! We'll see if we can make it happen on one of the future schedules.