• Try one of our peer reviewed recipes and ingredient kits! Each of these recipes are designed and hand crafted by the staff at KJ. 

    All kits include the required ingredients and instructions. 

  • Starter kits are a great way to get started brewing. Our different kits have everything you need to get that first batch cooking. 

  • Make Your Own Custom Labels in Minutes

    We're proud to offer a comprehensive custom wine and beer label program here at KJ Urban Winery. We have a dedicated printer set up to create custom labels in minutes! 

    With over 39 labels to choose from, you can create a custom and unique label that suits your needs. Various elements of label design including decorative foils can also be added to labels to give the bottle a more customized and professional appearance.

    About the Labels

    We source our labels from Macday labels based out of London, ON. They specialize in making easy to remove, customizable labels. We have a special printer in-store that can print these labels. 

    They have many different templates to choose from and we currently offer over 39 of them. 

    We charge just $0.33 per label. There is no minimum or maximum required!

    How to Order

    Visit us in-store and we can design and print as many labels as you like in minutes. 

    Or, you can visit Macday's website and download their special labelling software called 'Lasting Impressions' and create your own labels at home. 

    Please note, this software ONLY works with Windows computers. 

    Once you have designed your label, send it to us via email and we will print it out and can either mail them to you or arrange for local pickup. 

    For anything shipped out, you can purchase a generic placeholder label here. We'll coordinate the design with you and send it out.