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    All kits include the required ingredients and instructions. 

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    Wine of the Week | Order Online

    This is a new and exciting way to try fun new wines and save money in the process. Each week we will be offering a different batch of white and red wine for approximately 10% off. 

    Wines can be ordered up to two weeks in advance of that weeks deadline. Once a wine's deadline has passed it can no longer be ordered at the Wine of the Week price. 

    Please let us know in the order note section below which wines you would like to order. 

    Below is the current wine of the week schedule running from April 20th to June 15th, 2024


    Batch Size
    White Wine of the Week
    Red Wine of the Week

    Terms & Conditions

    • In order to satisfy and comply with AGCO rules and regulations, customers must visit us in-store or send a designated representitive to finalize the sale before production on their wine order can begin.

    Wines take 6-7 weeks to produce from the date the order is finalized.

    • Prices include the cost of the juice, our service fees, corks, and all applicable taxes. Bottles, labels, and shrink caps are optional extras which are sold separately.

    • Customers must be 19 or older.

    • To satisfy our license with the AGCO customers are expected to assist us with the bottling process at the end of production. This is the fun part though! Where you get to sample the wine and help us cork bottles. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

    • Wines can not be shipped or delivered, they must be picked up at our retail location in Guelph, Ontario

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We would love to not have to include this step, but our license to produce wine has some strict rules which include our customers being required to "pitch" yeast before wine production can begin. This is simply opening a package of yeast and pouring it into a beaker. It takes about 30 seconds!

    You can also send a friend or family member in your place to finalize the process.

    Once we have someone "pitch" the yeast, it will take 6-7 weeks to produce the wine.

    Great question! We will contact you either by phone or email once we have completed production of your wine. From there we can schedule a time for you to visit us in-store to assist us in the sampling and bottling process.

    Unfortunately we are not able to offer delivery or shipping of wines made on-site at KJ. The AGCO requires that all wine made on premise be picked up by the purchaser, or a designated (19+) representative.