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    White Gristmas

    It's Going to Be a WHITE GRISTMAS

    White Stout - 5.5 Gal - 6.3% ABV - 24.3 IBU, 5 SRM

    This beer is deceptive looking. From simply looking at it, it appears to be a simple gold coloured beer. You might think to yourself that this will be a light, crisp blonde ale – but you would be wrong. Close your eyes and take a sip; your brain will be convinced that this beer is dark stout. White Gristmas is a full bodied, thick tasting beer with STRONG notes of coffee and chocolate.

    This beer is the brainchild of Devon. She tried a similar beer in Muskoka back in October and has been trying to mimic the deceivingly full-bodied beer since. The strong, stout like flavours are accomplished by a few special additions. First, adding lactose, as well as lots of oats and Carafoam creates a thickness and mouthfeel to the finished product. Next, to get the chocolate and coffee flavours stouts typically have without adding dark malts, we added coffee beans and cacao nibs to the fermenting beer. The beans and nibs give a bunch of flavour, without adding much of any colour to the finished beer. The end result is a deceptively full bodied, chocolate white/blonde stout!

    Full Description and Instructions


    Maris Otter x 9lbs

    Flaked Oats x 2.5lbs

    Carafoam x 0.5lbs

    Lactose x 0.5lbs

    Acidulated Malt x 0.25lbs


    Fuggle (4.9% AA) x 1oz @ 60 minutes

    East Kent Golding (5.9% AA) x 1oz @ 20 minutes




    Cacao Nibs x 3oz (Included in recipe)

    Coffee Beans x 2ox (NOT included in recipe)


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