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    USED Maximizer Fruit/Apple Cider Press with Stainless Basket

    Press your own fruits at home safely and efficiently with the Maximizer Press! 
    The 36L stainless steel tub can generate approximately 25-30 gallons of cider per hour by turning the adjustable handle on the top of the machine, which is equipped for horizontal and vertical use. Place a nylon, cheesecloth or polyester bag inside the press to ensure that all solids (seeds & stems) are trapped inside, and use a bucket to collect the liquid product from the draining hole in the base. 

    We recommend that two adults collaborate to move the press safely. 

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    FAQ (sourced from Skookum Food Provisioners' Cooperative)

    Q: How many apples does the press tub hold?

    A: The tub has a 36L pulp capacity. One bushel of apples is approximately 8 gallons of pulp, which will press 10 to 12 L. juice.

    Q: What if my apples have Apple Scab?

    A: There is no problem pressing fruit with scab for cider. Do NOT press fruit with active rot lesions or any sign of blue mold.

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