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  • Unicorn Tears 2 - Wheat Beer Recipe

    Unicorn Tears 2

    Wheat Beer - 5.5 Gallons - ABV 5.1% - IBU 17.5 - SRM 4

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    This is a sequel to our smash hit: Unicorn Tears. Like most sequels, this one raises the stakes to the next level. We've changed the hops, we've tweaked the grains, and we've added a very special ingredient: Tangerine Peels. Adding tangerine in the final five minutes of the boil adds a tonne of sweet citrus flavour to the finished beer. The tangerine peels mesh well with the Hallertau Blanc hops and the WB-06 yeast. It ends up being a very refreshing, slightly sweet wheat beer. 

    A note on fermentation. At the date of this writing (July 2019), we are heading into the warmest time of the year. Typically, a lot of homebrewers elect to not brew beer in the summer due to hot temps which can wreck fermentations. A lot of yeasts get weird when they are forced to ferment above 22°C. We specifically designed this beer to be fermentable at a wide range of temperatures! We made two batches, one was fermented at 17°C and the other at 26°C. Both turned out great - with slight flavour differences, but not enough to make an important distinction with. So, rest assured, this beer can be made anytime of the year and you needn't worry about ambient temperatures in your house/basement/garage!

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