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    Toh-ron-TOH -> Ontario IPA


    IPA - 5.5 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 5.7% - IBU 60 - SRM 7

    If you ask a person from Toronto how they pronounce their city name, they’ll look at you incredulously and say “Torono” as if it makes perfect sense. Now, ask someone from outside of Ontario and they’ll say “Toronto”. Why is this important? Well it just so happens that this beer has a distinct West Coast style – but it is brewed with hops from Ontario exclusively. So we’ll bridge the gap and give it an Ontario name with a west coast pronunciation. 

    Of course, the name is irrelevant if the beer is terrible, thankfully, this one is delicious. It is a full bodied IPA with distinct floral and pine notes. The hops are sourced from Highland Hop Yard located in Meaford, ON (Side note, we also carry their Chinook and Centennial hops – stay tuned for future recipes including these). It’s a very hop forward beer, but there is a nice malt backbone courtesy of the Crystal and Honey malts. Let’s brew up a batch and crack one as our great country defrosts this spring.  

    Recipe Instructions

    Included Ingredients


    2 Row x 10.5lbs

    Crystal Light x 1lb

    Honey Malt x 0.5lbs 


    1oz Columbus @ 60min

    1oz Cascade (Ontario) @15min

    1oz Cascade (Ontario) @8min

    1oz Cascade (Ontario) @0min

    *DRY HOP*

    2oz Cascade (Ontario) - 4 days in Secondary



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