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    Thiol High Club | All Canada Hazy IPA

    Thiol High Club

    All Canada Hazy IPA – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.055 – FG 1.010 – ABV 5.6% - IBU 25 – SRM 4

    A delicious hazy beer made from all Canadian ingredients* - how cool is that!? There’s a lot of awesome going on in this recipe let us break it down for you.

    Let’s start with the grain. We sourced Pale Ale Malt from the wonderful malt house in Armstrong BC: Gambrinus. We’re using their pale ale malt, but we also carry their Honey malt. Next, for hops we’re using Cascade Hops from our friends at the Hop House based out of Strathroy. The freshness and quality of their hops has been incredible. Finally, from a little-known yeast company based out of Guelph – we’re using Escarpment Labs new Thiol Libre yeast. This is the star of the show.

    Thiol Libre unbinds thiols from hops which can lead to some intriguing flavours. This is a gross oversimplification, but it changes the standard aromas and notes you get from hops like Cascade and Saaz and converts them into juicy, citrus like flavours. Escarpment Labs has a great blog post on their website going deep on this which we recommend checking out. Most hops that give juicy/citrus notes are grown outside of Canada, predominantly in Washington State. It’s pretty neat that with this yeast we can use ingredients grown and produced right here in Ontario and make a delicious hazy IPA. Science!!!

    The finished beer itself is hazy with strong citrus and tropical fruit hop character. It has a touch of toasted bread notes – almost like the malt profile of a wheat beer. At an ABV of 5.5 it’s not too heavy and ideal for sitting out on the patio on one of the four months in Ontario where our weather is not actively hostile.

    * The Strata hops used for dry hopping are not from Ontario, please forgive us this one transgression!

    Full Description and Instructions


    • Rahr Pale Ale x 11.0lbs
    • Acidulated x 0.1lbs
    • Cascade Ontario - 1.0 oz @ 60 minutes - IN THE MASH
    • Cascade Ontario - 1.0 oz @ 5 minutes (boil)
    • Cascade Ontario - 2.0oz @ Flame Out (180°F)
    • Strata 2.0oz @ Dry Hop - 6 Days
    • Thiol Libre (Escarpment Labs)
    Extras (Must be purchased separately)
    • Calcium Chloride - 1 tsp at mashing
    • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming

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