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  • The Student - 1 Gallon Recipe

    The Student

    Pale Ale - 1 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 5% - IBU 34 - SRM 8


    The Student is our recipe that pays homage to the students of Guelph. Every September our city swells with students, and so we have a recipe especially designed for the student budget. Our goal was to make the cheapest possible beer that actually tasted good.  


    The Students is a nice, clean easy drinking beer. Amber in colour, it features a strong malty body with a crisp hop finish. 

    To make the beer more of a "Grad" Student, we recommend adding 1oz of Cascade hops in the final 5 minutes of the boil. 


    Recipe Instructions (for five gallon recipe)


    Included Ingredients


    Canadian 2 Row x 1.75lbs

    Crystal Medium x .2lbs


    Cascade 1OZ @ 6 minutes


    US-05 (half a package)