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    The Jabroni - European Lager Recipe

    Lager – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.047 – FG 1.002– ABV 5.7% - IBU 22 – SRM 3.5

    Devon was brave enough to marry the baby of a big Italian family. And while Eric is lovable, he also has his shortcomings – like being able to navigate in a car, inability to cook, or even his ability to show up on time. But despite the many many flaws she loves the man, and on occasion she likes to brew him up his favourite beer: The Jabroni. An easy-going lager that is reminiscent of the famous lager the name rhymes with.

    A great blend of high-quality malts and spicy hops. We fermented this one with the new NovaLager yeast which is far more lenient than your traditional lager yeast. It can ferment cleanly between 12-20°C, and does not require a diacetyl rest. Which means this beer can be fermented year-round. Unlike Eric, this beer arrives right on time.

    Full Description and Instructions Here!



    • Bohemian Pilsner x 7.2lbs
    • Flaked Corn x 1.5lbs
    • Crystal 20 x 0.5lbs
    • Acidulated Malt x .2lbs


    Boil Schedule (minutes)

    • Magnum - 0.5 oz @ 30 minutes
    • Saaz - 2oz @ 5 minutes


    • NovaLager

    Extras (Must be purchased separately)

    • Amylo 300 - 1/10th of an ounce at fermentation
    • Biofine - 1 teaspoon 48 priors to kegging (only use if kegging)
    • Gypsum - 1/2 teaspoon at mash.
    • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming

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