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    The French Resolution - Grisette Recipe

    The French Resolution

    Grisette – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.042 – FG 1.001 – ABV 5.4% - IBU 20 – SRM 2

    This all started with the name. Jeremy came up with an incredible moniker for a January beer, and then from there we developed a beer based on it. It’s not how you’re supposed to make recipes – but in this case it doesn’t matter because the recipe is so great, and suits the name perfectly.

    New year, new you. Shake off the turkey, stuffing, and Baltic porters with a light, low carb beer. The French Resolution is a Grisette. After deciding on the name, we did a bit of research and surprisingly there is a not a lot of concrete info about this style of beer. Originally from France, Grisette’s are a farmhouse ale that was consumed by working class miners, they are like Saisons but have some key differences. They tend to be lighter and have a prominent hop profile – leaning towards citrusy.

    The French Resolution is a crisp, hop forward beer with some of the classic farmhouse traits you see from Saisons, but with modern citrus forward hops. Not bitter, but aromatic and flavourful hop additions – and only 130 calories per 330ml bottle!

    Full Description and Instructions Here!


    • 2 Row x 6lbs
    • Wheat Malt x 2lbs
    • Flaked Wheat x 0.5lbs
    • Acidulated x 0.1lbs
    Boil Schedule (minutes)
    • Hallertau Blanc - 1 oz @ 15 minutes
    • Citra Cryo - 0.5oz @ FLAME OUT
    • Hallertau Blanc - 1oz - Dry Hop 
    • Citra Cryo - 1oz - Dry Hop
    • Farmhouse (Lallemand Brewing) 
    Extras (Must be purchased separately)
    • Amylo 300 - 1/10th ounce at Fermentation
    • Irish Moss - 1 tsp for last 15 minutes of boil
    • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming

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