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  • T-58 Ale Yeast

    The T-58 Ale yeast has spicy, estery flavours which are ideal for continental style beers. Forms a solid sediment at the end of secondary fermentation, therefore widely used for bottle and cask conditioning.

    We like to use this yeast for more lemon/lime notes in our wheat beers. It is a fun alternative to WB-06, and works especially well when using orange and grapefruit peels in the beer.

    Fermentation Temperature: 12°c - 25°c

    Storage: Cool, Dry conditions (<10°c)

    Floculation: Low

    Residual Sugars: 22 g/l at attenuation of 70%

    Dosage Instructions: 50 to 80 g/hl or 2.5-5 g/hl in bottle conditioning