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  • Sparkling Wine Addition

    Transform your wine batch into a sparkling wine batch by packaging it in a keg and injecting a significant amount of CO2 to create a delightful sparkling wine product, also referred to as prosecco. While any type of wine can be used, we suggest using white wines and rose varieties for optimal results. This has quickly become a favourite way for our staff to make their wine here.

    $15/23L Batch of wine. Standard keg size is 19L, the remaining wine will be bottled normally (4ish bottles).


    - The Sparkling wine must be placed in a Cornelius keg, customers have the option to bring their own or buy one from KJ.

    - Customers also need a way to serve the sparkling wine (such as a kegerator, pony pump, or CO2 + regulator). The KJ team is available to assist with any inquiries or setting up a system.