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    S-04 English Ale Yeast (500g Brick)

    Sold as a sealed 500g brick of S-04. 

    A Well-known, commercial English Ale yeast. It is selected for its fast fermentation character and its ability to form a very compact sediment at the end of fermentation, helping to improve beer clarity.

    We find this beer to be ideal for hop forward beers. It really brings out the citrus and fruit characteristics from the big American hops like Citra. If you're aiming to make a more malt forward beer such as a stout, we recommend going with US-05 instead - especially if you would like it to finish dryer.

    Fermentation Temperature: 12°c - 25°c

    Storage: Cool, Dry conditions (<10°c)

    Floculation: High

    Residual Sugars: 18 g/l at attenuation of 75%

    Dosage Instructions: 50 to 80 g/hl

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