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    Relegation Medication - Best Bitter Recipe

    Relegation Medication

    Best Bitter - 5.5 Gal - 4.3% ABV - 38 IBU, 9 SRM

    This month’s beer is all about easing the bitter taste left after a bad season. It’s a classic English Best Bitter. Like most English beers, it has a low ABV which means you can enjoy a couple more of them during the game. It has a spicy, earthy taste from the East Kent Golding hops, along with a nice caramel finish to balance the sharp bitterness. We chose a classic ale yeast for this recipe: Nottingham Ale. Until recently, S-04 was our preferred English Ale yeast, but we brought in Nottingham and ultimately preferred the flavours Nottingham brought to this recipe. Finally, we add gypsum to the mash water in order to promote the hoppy aroma and flavour of the East Kent Golding hops. This addition mostly applies to people using Guelph water, but would also work for this in the tri-cities, Fergus, Elora, and Rockwood.

    Full Description & Instructions



    • Golden Promise x 8.5lbs
    • Crystal Medium x 0.3lb
    • Double Roasted Crystal x 0.2lb
    • Acidulated Malt x 0.3lbs


    • East Kent Golding (4.4 AA) x 2oz @ 60 minutes
    • East Kent Golding (4.4 AA) x 1oz @ 10 minutes


    • Nottingham Ale

    Recommended Extra: 3/4 tsp Gypsum at mash in

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