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  • Prost! - Oktoberfest Ale


    Oktoberfest - 5.5 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 5.5% - IBU 26 - SRM 10

    Prost! is a Märzen style Oktoberfest beer. This style features rich malty notes, with a copper-brownish colour. Typically, these beers are hopped only to the point of balancing the malt forward flavours. For the malt, we have chosen 100% Weyermann malts for the beer, this should help lend some authenticity to it! So brew up a batch and be sure to serve in a big ole’ stein along with some great hearty foods.

    Purchasing this recipe includes all of the below ingredients, as well as the instructions. Equipment and extras such as dextrose or DME for priming are sold separately

    Recipe Instructions

    Included Ingredients


    Vienna x 4lbs

    Pilsner x 3lb

    Munich Light x 2lbs

    Munich Dark x 1 lb

    Caramunich Type 1 1lb


    0.5oz Magnum @ 60min

    1oz Hallertau @ 20min

    1oz Hallertau @ 5min



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