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    Mild Thing - English Mild Ale Recipe

    Mild Thing

    English Mild Ale - 5.5 Gal - 3.5% ABV - 21 IBU - 24 SRM

    We're very excited for this recipe. For the last couple of years we have partnered with a local homebrewing group called True Grist with various bulk buys and projects. Recently they held a 'People's Choice' contest; a bunch of their members submitted one recipe and thet anonymously voted on a winner. Phil Harrison's 'Mild Thing' was the winner and we're featuring his recipe for our March Beer of the Month!

    Phil Harrison, original from England, is a fisheries scientest at the University of Waterloo. His father is a card carrying member of the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) and this beer was designed for his old man. It is a ruby red, low alchol, school night beer, with enough malty rich roasty character to keep coming back too. It's not a beer that needs to age, and Phil recommends it be served with a lower CO2 volume (1.5 vol or less).

    Recipe Instructions


    Golden Promise x 6.0lbs

    Crystal Light x 0.75lbs

    Crystal Dark x 0.75lbs

    Flaked Wheat x 0.5lbs

    Chocolate Malt x 0.37lbs

    Rosted Barley x 0.06lbs


    Fuggle 1oz @ 60 minutes

    Fuggle 1oz @ 15 minutes


    Foggy London Ale (Escarpment Labs)

    Dry Alternative - S-04



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