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  • Maris Otter LME - 3.3lbs

    Elevate your home brewing experience with Muntons Maris Otter Malt Extract. This malt extract serves as the quintessential base for creating rich and flavourful British-style ales like IPA and bitters. Whether used as the foundation for your wort or blended with all-grain brews, this extract unlocks the essence of British brewing tradition.

    Key Features:

    • British Brewing Tradition: Craft a wide range of British-style ales, including iconic IPA and bitters, with this malt extract.

    • Flavourful Foundation: Create brews with a depth of character and rich, authentic flavours reminiscent of the United Kingdom.

    • Brewer's Secret: Use it as a standalone base or blend it with all-grain ingredients to add complexity and uniqueness to your beer.

    • Authentically British: Sourced from the United Kingdom, this malt extract embodies the heritage of British brewing.

    • Brew with Confidence: Suitable for both novice and experienced brewers, ensuring consistent and exceptional results.

    Can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months.