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    Lazy Pumpkin Ale

    Lazy Pumpkin Ale 

    Autumn Ale – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.055 – FG 1.010 – ABV 5.8% - IBU 23 – SRM 13

    Well, we went and finally did it. We did the pumpkin thing. Our goal was to make a pumpkin flavoured beer that is enjoyable, approachable, and repeatable all year round. The thing with making beers with fruit, or other exotic flavours is that you must be very careful in how you add those flavours. Fruit additions can cause extra unexpected fermentations, have drastic effects on clarity, or can inadvertently add a bunch of acidity that throws your mash pH all over the place.

    How do we add pumpkin without the danger!? Simple, we lazily add pumpkin spice extract at the bottling/kegging stage. We are including a two-ounce bottle with each recipe purchase. More experienced brewers might want to play around with adding pumpkin puree, or even oven roasting pumpkins – but we want to keep this simple and approachable for all our brewing friends.

    The base beer for this recipe is super tasty. We loaded it full of oats and other delicious malts which results in a full bodied, rich tasting beer. The addition of the pumpkin extract at bottling adds a subtle pumpkin spice element that completes the beer. We do not recommend adding anymore than two ounces of the extract. It is very strong stuff. 

    Full Description and Instructions Here!


    • Maris Otter x 3.75lbs
    • Red X x 3.75lbs
    • Flaked Oats x 2.0lbs
    • Oat Malt x 1.0lbs
    • Crystal Light x 0.5lbs
    • Biscuit x 0.5lbs
    • Pumpkin Spice Extract -  (INCLUDED with Recipe) 2 ounce bottle
    Boil Schedule (minutes)
    • Magnum - 0.5 oz @ 60 minutes
    • Cali Ale - Escarpment Labs
    Extras (Must be purchased separately)
    • Irish Moss - 1 tsp for last 15 minutes of boil
    • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming

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