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  • Try one of our peer reviewed recipes and ingredient kits! Each of these recipes are designed and hand crafted by the staff at KJ. 

    All kits include the required ingredients and instructions. 

  • Starter kits are a great way to get started brewing. Our different kits have everything you need to get that first batch cooking. 

  • Lactic Acid - 4oz

    Lactic Acid lowers the pH in your mash. Typically we use 1-4 teapsoons per 5 gallon batch. 

    For basically any beer brewed in the Guelph area using Guelph water you will need to acidify your mash in some way. Lactic Acid, Acidulated Malt, or Phosphoric acid can all be used to lower the Ph. We recommend using software to determine the proper pH, reach out to us for tips on how to do that. 

    88% concentration.