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  • Kupzit (Copper Citrate) 20g

    Kupzit is used to remove sulphide off-flavours in wine and cider. It is a mixture of copper citrate and bentonite. 

    Dosage: 5g per 22L or 20g per 100L

    Usage: Prepare a slurry of Kupzit® and wine in a ratio of 1:10 then add to batch. Provide for good distribution by stirring thoroughly. The reaction is completed within a few minutes after addition. Separation of the lees/sediments is conducted by filtration within 1-2 days. When applied properly, the copper content is not, or only slightly increased, which means in most cases after the Kupzit® treatment blue fining is not required. Application can be conducted either separately or combined with clarification/fining. In case of a combined fining Kupzit® is added as first component.