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    Hemlock Mill - Kolsch Recipe

    Hemlock Mill Kölsch

    Kölsch – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.054 – FG 1.011– ABV 5.6% - IBU 20 – SRM 5.3

    Knocking down walls, building desks, laying floor, and building new rooms is hot and sweaty work. For the last couple of months behind the scenes, we (Adrian) have been knee deep in renovations. One thing that quenches your thirst after some hard manual labour is a cold glass of beer. This month’s beer is the epitome of that philosophy.

    Named after our brand-new mill room, which is made from beautiful re-claimed hemlock beams – Hemlock Mill Kölsch is an extremely easy drinking Kölsch. It is well balanced, with a light honey sweetness that makes it super crushable. It is hopped just enough for balance and a bit of fruit character.

    The secret ingredient is a tiny bit of honey at bottling/kegging. If you are planning to bottle, prime this beer with honey instead of sugar, and if you are kegging, add 1/8 cup of honey right before applying CO2 to the keg!

    Full Description and Instructions


    • Pilsner x 6.0lbs
    • Wheat Malt x 2.0lbs
    • Munich 1 x 1.0lbs
    • Carafoam x 0.5lbs
    • Biscuit x 0.3lbs
    • Acidulated Malt x .25lbs
    • Hallertau (5.5% A.A.) - 1.5 oz @ 30 min
    • Nelson Sauvin (10.6 A.A.) - 1oz @ 0 min
    • Kölsch (Escarpment Labs)
    Extras (Must be purchased separately)
    • Irish Moss (1 tsp for last 15 minutes of boil)
    • Honey - 165g (1/2 cup) at bottling for priming

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