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    GoFerm (25g)

    Go-Ferm is the original natural yeast rehydration nutrient containing a balance of micronutrients. It was developed to enhance kinetics and thereby potentially avoid problem fermentations. Suspend Go-Ferm in the rehydration water before adding yeast. The yeast soak up the valuable bio-available micronutrients as they rehydrate. Infusing yeast with these essential nutrients arms them against ethanol toxicity and optimizes nutrient availability to the rehydrating yeast culture. The result is fermentations that finish stronger. 


    • Mix Go-Ferm in 20 times its weight in clean 43°C (110°F) water. Let the mixture cool to 40°C (104°F) then add the active dried yeast. Let stand for 20 minutes. Slowly (over 5 minutes) add equal amounts of must (juice) to be fermented to the yeast slurry. Watch the temperature difference. Do not allow more than 10°C (18°F) difference between the must (juice) and the yeast slurry. Atemperate as necessary.
    • For standard 5 gallon (19L) fermentations - use 6g of GoFerm and mix with 120ml of water
    • 30g/hL (hecalitre = 100L)

    Store at no warmer than 18°C, keep the bag sealed and dry. Can be stored in a fridge. 


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