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  • Fermzilla All Rounder Fermenter - 60L

    The Fermzilla All Rounder is an awesome 60L (15.9 gallon) fermenter, it has loads of awesome features and its price point is super competitive. We use these for all of our fermentations now!

    This kit includes:
    1 x All rounder tank
    1 x 304 stainless stand
    1 x Airlock
    1 x Pressure rated lid
    1 x Digital temperature sticker
    1 x Red 2.5bar pressure relief valve
    1 x Graduation Sticker

    Easy to Clean
    - This fermenter is made from super smooth PET so it's easy to clean. No scrubbing necessary.

    Large 120mm Opening
    - The opening at the top is signficantly larger then the older Snub Nose or other similar fermenters.  This bad boy has 120mm opening so even brewers with large arms can easily get into the top making cleaning even easier.

    Pressure Rated
    -This fermenter is rated up to 2.5bar so you can force carbonate just like a keg.  You can use this fermenter for closed transfers and signficiantly reduce oxygen exposure.

    Crystal Clear
    -The wall of the All Rounder is crystal clear so you can see what's going on inside.  This makes it really easy to determine visually how the fermentation, how the yeast is floculating etc.

    -The PET plastic is not permeable like some other fermenters made from PP or HDPE.  The fermenter wall is a much better gas barrier keeping your product fresher for longer.

    No Flavour and Aroma Carry Over
    -Other HDPE fermenters tend to be so pourous they carry flavour and aromo from one batch to another. 

    Robust and Difficult to Damage
    -Impossible to smash like glass.  The tank is impact resistant but light weight and easy to use.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This tank should not be used for hot liquid.  Do not put liquids inside this tank over 50C.  It will melt the tank.  

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