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    Diamond Lager Dry Ale Yeast

    Diamond Lager is a true lager strain originating in Germany. Chosen for its robust character, this yeast delivers excellent fermentation performance, and has the ability to produce clean, authentic lagers. 

    Suitable Beer Styles: Helles, Dortmunder, Pilsner, Vienna Lager, Oktoberfest, Dark Lager, Dunkel, Bock, Eisbock, California Common

    Fermentation Temperature: 10-15°c

    Storage: Cool, Dry conditions (<4°c)

    Floculation: High

    Attenuation: High

    Dosage Instructions: 100g/hl, or 1-2 packages per 5 gallon batch depending on starting gravity (ie, a high gravity beer should have two packages pitched, where as something in the 1.050 range will be fine with 1)

    Alcohol Tolerance: Up to 9%

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