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  • Try one of our peer reviewed recipes and ingredient kits! Each of these recipes are designed and hand crafted by the staff at KJ. 

    All kits include the required ingredients and instructions. 

  • Starter kits are a great way to get started brewing. Our different kits have everything you need to get that first batch cooking. 

  • CO2 Tank Fill

    Get your own C02 tank filled by our partners at Carbonics. Tanks are filled off-site every Thursday evening, and are available to be picked up by Friday at 12pm. Tanks that have not been recertified in over 5 years will need to be recertified. Reach out if you need help finding the recert date on your tank! Please be aware, recertification can take up to one month to complete. 

    Unlike our Exchange Program, we can fill steel tanks, ones that are painted, and ones with other company names on them. 

    If instead of having your tank filled, you would like to become a member of our CO2 Exchange Program, you can purchase a membership with a one time buy-in fee. Please be sure your tank meets our requirements before purchasing a membership. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we can sort out the details!

    Looking for more info about the CO2 program, check out our page on it!