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    Cheat Code Märzen

    Cheat Code Märzen

    Märzen (Oktoberfest) – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.052 – FG 1.010– ABV 5.3% - IBU 17 – SRM 11

    We’ve been working on this one for a while. The idea was to create an authentic Oktoberfest style Märzen, but in an accessible fashion. Traditional Märzen beers are fermented like a lager at a consistent 10°C, and then aged (lagered) at 0°C for months before being consumed. This process requires equipment, storage space, and patience (:p) that not all of our fellow homebrewers possess. The goal was to make an authentic tasting Märzen recipe that can be brewed at room temperature and be enjoyed in a shorter time. And, we ah, nailed it – this one is a winner.

    This recipe is a combination of high-quality German (and 1 Belgian) malts, along with authentic Hallertau hops, and the secret ingredient – KRISPY from Escarpment Labs. To get it to the ideal final gravity of 1.005, we added ¼ teaspoon (1 gram) of Escarpment Labs new yeast nutrient: Yeast Lightning.

    Full Description and Instructions Here!



    • Bohemian Pilsner x 2.5lbs
    • Munich Light x 4.0lbs
    • Vienna x 2.5lbs
    • Caramunich x 1.0lbs
    • Biscuit x 0.7lbs
    • Acidulated Malt x .1lbs


    Boil Schedule (minutes)

    • Hallertau - 2.0 oz @ 15 minutes
    • Hallertau - 1.0 oz @ 0 minutes


    • KRISPY - Escarpment Labs

    Extras (Must be purchased separately)

    • Yeast Lightning - 1/4 teaspoon at fermentation. INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE
    • Gypsum - 1/2 teaspoon at mash.
    • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming

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