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    Boring Brown Ale

    Boring Brown Ale

    Brown Ale - 5.5 Gal - 4.8% ABV - 25.4 IBU, 16 SRM

    You were thinking, its August, surely KJ will come up with a super clever summery beer. It'll be fresh, crisp, and perfect for hot patio nights. OR, maybe KJ would make an intriguingly complex double IPA with a new type of yeast that is designed to work in the hot temperatures of August. WELL, you were wrong. Nope, this month's beer is an extra boring brown ale. This beer is about as exciting as a Jays game in August (or any month these days). It's as scintillating as a dinner out at a chain restaurant. It's about as titillating as... you get the picture. Now you might say, "wow, you are really not selling this beer", and... crap, you are right. OK let's try it again...

    WHAT we have here today is a delicious, well balanced, malt forward English style brown ale. Featuring our freshly arrived English East Kent Golding hops along with some nice dark speciality malts. It's got a great colour but isn't too heavy either. It may not be the most exciting beer you've ever tried, but its damned tasty, and goes with just about anything. Is it tasty in the summer? Yep. Is it delicious in January? Hell yes. Is it a great accompaniment after a day working in the sun? Unquestionably! So, get over the boring nature of this beer, brew the hell out of it, and enjoy!

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    Maris Otter x 8.6lbs

    Crystal Medium x 0.6lbs

    Special B x 0.5lbs

    Crystal Dark x 0.1lbs

    Acidulated Malt x 0.25lbs


    East Kent Golding (5.9% AA) x 0.5oz @ 60 minutes

    East Kent Golding (5.9% AA) x 1.5oz @ 15 minutes




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