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    Blichmann QuickCarb Beer Carbonator

    The Blichmann QuickCarb can completely carbonate a beer in under 40 minutes! No more waiting days for it to carbonate, or shaking it all day long. 

    The staff at KJ use this to carbonate all our beers, sometimes we set aside a few hours and keg 5 or 6 kegs all at once! 

    90% carbonated and ready to drink in less than an hour with no risk of overcarbonation!  Let it sit for a day for dialing in that final few percent.


    - Quiet and dependable operation

    - Great for all beer styles!

    - All stainless diffusion stone and QuickConnector™ fittings makes cleaning a breeze

    - 10 micron stainless diffusion stone is durable, and is porous enough to allow sanitizer to fully penetrate.  Other manufacturers stones are delicate and must be boiled and handled with gloves.

    - Circulating pump is gentle and is powered with a simple DC transformer (included)

    - Easy to clean and sanitize

    - Interested in trying out inline oxygenation?  Simply add an optional oxygen regulator and you'll be able to use the QuickCarb™ components to oxygenate your wort before pitching your yeast!

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