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    Beer Gas Tank - 5LB New & Filled

    This is a brand new, filled 5LB Beer gas Tank (Also known as 22 cubic feet of gas). It has a special barb that only works with Nitrogen regulators. As a bonus, purchasing a new beer gas tank gets you into our beer gas exchange program! When this tank is empty, visit us in store and we can swap it out for another tank!

    Beer gas is 70% Nitrogen and 30% CO2. Ideal for serving beers in a kegging setup with long liquid lines. We typically recommend using CO2 for most homebrewing but there is the odd unique application that beer gas is well suited for. 


    Height: 52cm

    Diameter: 13cm

    In our experience, a 5LB tank is small enough to fit inside a typical keg fridge with two kegs and a regulator. 

    Learn more about our CO2 Program! 

    Shipping CO2 is a very expensive and hazerdous process, because of this we only offer this product as a local pickup  option. 

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