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  • Amylo 300 - 1oz

    We call this stuff 'magic juice'. It consistently and reliably assists beer fermentations get down to a final gravity between .999 - 1.004. 

    It is an essential ingredient in our Super Sesh series of beers. Additionally, we recommend using it for making lagers or any low carb beers. 

    What it Does:

    Amylo 300 can hydrolyse sequentially both exo alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,6 glycosidic linkages and can therefore be used to degrade starch polymers and maltose to glucose, for the production of high alcohol and low carbohydrate beers.


    Amylo can be used both in mashing and during fermentation. We tend to use it primarily with fermentation. 

    Mashing - add 1/10th oz per five gallon batch during the Saccharification rest (temperatures between 131-144°F). Amylo ceases functioning once mash temperature exceed 149°F.

    Fermentation - add 1/10th oz per five gallon batch when adding the yeast in the primary fermenter. Let it ferment for 10 days to arrive at terminal gravity. 


    Keep Amylo 300 refridgerated upon arrival, we will ship with ice packs.