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    5 Days in May - Turbo Pale Ale Recipe

    Turbo Pale Ale – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.056 – FG 1.011 – ABV 5.9% - IBU 35 – SRM 6

    This is a beer we went from grain to glass in just 5 days. Our typical recommendation is a 10-day fermentation, but this recipe has some benefits that allow us to shave 5 days off the typical fermentation window. First, we are using Voss Kveik. This yeast ferments quickly and aggressively! Second, we are adding Yeast Lightning to aid the fermentation. Third, we fermented this warmer than normal, aiming for a 22-27C range.

    All of this does not matter if the beer is not good, thankfully, the beer is delicious! It has great malt body balanced with strong hop bitterness and notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine thanks to the Idaho 7 hops.

    This beer is great in all situations, but it has the flexibility to be ready FAST which can be really useful when you need something in a short period of time.

    Full Description and Instructions Here!


    • Maris Otter x 9lbs
    • Flaked Oats x 1lb
    • Honey Malt x 0.5lbs
    • Acidulated x 0.2lbs
    Boil Schedule (minutes)
    • Idaho 7 - 3.0 oz @ 5 minutes
    • Idaho 7 - 3.0 oz @ 0 minutes
    • Idaho 7 - 2.0 oz @ Whirlpool 175F
    • Voss Kveik - Escarpment Labs
    Extras (Must be purchased separately)
    • Gypsum - 3/4 tsp adding at mashing
    • Irish Moss - 1 tsp for last 15 minutes of boil
    • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming

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