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    10 Gallon Tri Clover High End Brew Pot

    Having a good, reliable brew pot is an essential part of a successful homebrew day. This is why we love to use this 10 gallon Tri-Clover Stainless Steel brew pot. It is sturdy, induction ready, has graduated markings, silicone handles, and is capable of brewing batches as big as 8 gallons in size. I

    Made from high end 21 gauge 304 stainless steel. A thermometer and spigot are included with the pot attachable via tri-clover fittings. 

    In our experience, we find 10 gallon kettles are the ideal size for making 5.5 gallon Brew in a Bag batches of beer. There is enough space in the pot for all of the grain and 7 gallons of water - which means the amount of topping/sparge water that has to be added is significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated. Meaning you get higher efficiency with less work!


    Height: 45cm

    Diameter: 45cm (handles included - 35cm without factoring in handles)

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