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  • Am I Right, Ladies | Wheat IPA

    Am I Right, Ladies?

    Wheat IPA – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.060 – FG 1.014 – ABV 5.9% - IBU 25 – SRM 4.5

    The hazier the better, am I right, ladies? Behold -- Dana's first recipe!

    Dana joined our team in 2020 as a student and amateur stand-up comedian who loved cider and whiskey, but not beer -- while she still enjoys those things (probably too much, am I right, ladies?), she has grown to enjoy beer as well, especially sours and other juicy brews.

    This is the first beer that Dana has ever developed, and like last month's Jean Claude Van Darn Good Belgian Ale, the Am I Right, Ladies? began with a name and resulted in a delicious BOTM. This phrase is something she says a lot on stage while "performing" her "comedy," and while it's mostly said to ease the tension of a joke that may have landed poorly, this Hazy Wheat IPA with an ABV of 5.9% will likely do the same if you drink enough of it! As a nod to her budding (read: fruitless) career in comedy, we've used WB-06 Weizen (Get it? Wise Guy?) yeast for this recipe, and with Vic Secret hops at center stage, this brew bears a tropical and juicy punchline. Take the fruitiness one step further by adding 2oz of peach flavouring at the bottling and/or kegging stage. We're confident that this won't be a one-liner, am I right ladies?

    Full Description and Instructions


    • Canadian 2 Row x 3.0lbs
    • Wheat Malt x 6.0lbs
    • Flaked Wheat x 2.0lbs
    • Golden Naked Oats x 1.0lbs
    • Carafoam x 1lb
    • Acidulated x 0.1lbs
    • El Dorado - 1 oz @ Flame Out
    • Vic Secret - 1 oz @ Flame Out
    • Vic Secret - 2 oz @ 180F Flame Out
    • Vic Secret - 2 oz @ Dry Hop (6 days into Ferment) 
    • WB-06 Weizen
    Extras (Must be purchased separately)
    • Calcium Chloride - 1 tsp at mash in
    • Peach Flavouring - OPTIONAL Extra. Add 2 ounces at bottling/kegging
    • DME/Dextrose - 170g at bottling for priming
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