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  • After Hours Pickup at Royal City Brewing

    September 16, 2021 3 min read

    After Hours Pickup at Royal City Brewing

    Online/Phone Orders can now be picked up over at our neighbours at Royal City Brewing everyday. They are open from 4pm-10pm Monday through Thursday, Friday - Sunday 11am-11pm

    Orders can now be picked up after we close at Royal City Brewing, who in case you don't know are our amazing neighbours who have an award winning brewery and beer hall. They are open later than us every day, and are open Monday and Sundays. They have graciously offered to become a pickup hub for after we close. 

    There are some important caveats to this:

    1) We have to be notified that you would like to pick it up at Royal City, and the day you will be picking it up. You can select "After Hours Pickup" at checkout as one of the shipping options (details on how to do that below) 

    2) Orders must be paid for in advance. If its an online order its already paid, if it is a phone order we will need to take payment over the phone (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, but no debit.)

    3) Wait for a confirmation email from us before going to Royal City to pick up your order. 

    4) Due to LCBO/ACGO rules, wine orders are not eligible to be picked up at Royal City.

    How to Pick Up an Order from Royal City

    At checkout, select shipping - and then the option to choose Royal City as an After Hours pickup location will show up at the top of the list of shipping options. 

    See the screenshots below to for more context:

    When the day you have selected comes, we'll prepare your order and bring it over to Royal City before close. Then we'll send you a notification that your order is ready to be picked up from Royal City.

    Head over there on the agreed upon day within the available hours (listed below). Give them the order number and your name and they will bring your order out. All orders will have been double checked by the staff at KJ before being brought over to Royal City. They simply will grab your order and give it to you. 

    While you're there, why not grab some beers and food!!!

    Here is a link to their bottle shop, see what they have in the fridge.

    After Hours Available Times

    Monday - Thursday: 4pm -10pm

    Friday - Sunday: 11-11pm

    Sunday & Monday pickup orders must be placed by 4pm Saturday

    The full story on how we decided to offer this service:

    When the original COVID lockdown hit in March 2020, we, like a lot of other businesses drastically cut down our hours. We went from being open until 6pm, sometimes 7pm most nights down to 5pm. Because most of our clients were now stuck at home, the earlier closing time wasn't as limiting for our customers.

    Fast forward now to January 2023, and things are starting to return to a semblance of normalcy. People are back at the office, after work events, and other things are coming back. Which means, it has been harder for our amazing customers to get to the store before we close. 

    But, the one thing we learned from being closed earlier is that it was really nice to get home a little earlier and spend more time with our families. More time for home cooked meals, or to get into hobbies like bread making or fitness, or let's be honest: Netflix. 

    A work/life balance is something that is important to staff and ownership of KJ. That's partly why we're not open Sundays, and why our full time staff get guaranteed hours with two days off in a row every week.

    But it also important for our customers to be able to get the products they are looking for within their busy schedule. 

    Enter, our friends at Royal City Brewing.