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  • Summer Batch Bundle!

    Summer Batch Bundle!
    What’s better than enjoying a glass (or two) of your favourite wine on the deck during a warm Summer evening? Now.. close your eyes… imagine that your wine was available to you at a lower price! Wouldn’t that make your Summer even sweeter?

    Open your eyes! It’s real! It’s Summer and it’s Sale Season here at KJ! Enjoy discounts on your favourite wines all Summer long!

    If you’ve been with us for a while, you may be familiar with our July Wine Sale — typically we select a few varietals to offer on sale for a few weeks in July. For those feeling disappointed that we aren’t doing that this year, fear not — this sale is actually much better for two awesome reasons:

    1. This deal runs all through the Summer, and doesn’t end until the Labour Day long weekend!
    2. This sale applies to all varietals! That’s right! Pick your favourite, try something new, do whatever you like, and do it for less!

    You may be wondering… How much less?
    - Save $10 on 22L/30 bottles (only $190!)
    - Save $20 on 33L/45 bottles (only $280!)
    - Save $30 on 44L/60 bottles (only $370!)
    - Save $40 on 55L/75 bottles (only $460!)
    - Save $50 on 66L/90 bottles (only $550!)

    You must be thinking… This is a great opportunity to get ready for those Summer nights, and you’re right! It’s also a good way to get stocked up for the chilly Winter nights to follow!

    These discounts can only be applied in-store, but you can also place your order over the phone. We’re unfortunately not able to offer the Summer Batch Bundle prices online.

    We’re so excited about these offers, and we hope you are too! Get in touch or visit us in person to let us know what you’d like us to get started for you!

    Happy Summer!
    -The KJ Team